Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course – Get Your Facts Straight!

The best thing about the Internet is all of the information. The worst thing about the Internet is all of the information.

I keep a beautiful fabric covered notebook by my bedside, scribbling ideas for my posts onto it’s blank pages whenever the lightning of inspiration strikes. It’s a gorgeous little thing – covered in fabric with tiny, multi-coloured butterflies. It was a stocking filler from M, and my joy and gratitude upon opening it probably surprised him, but I loved it for what it represented: endless possibilities.

Last week, though, I hated that book. And I hated the Internet. Why? The endless bloody possibilities. I wanted to tackle one of two ideas for a post:

  • A piece which justifies that fact that I choose to shop at Waitrose over Asda or Lidl. I wanted to prove that for the little more I pay per shop, I could be confident that I wasn’t funding an un-ethical monster such as Asda (Walmart).


  • A piece about how much better US hip hop is than UK hip hop, and how the current hype about UK hip hop is unfounded – the best UK rappers were around in the 90’s, and didn’t receive all the kudos purely due to a lack of technology and communication (the Internet).

The obstacle, ironically, turned out to be the very tool I rely on for my information – the Internet. Not due to a lack of information, but because… Well, there’s just so damn much of it.

I don’t want to be a lazy blogger, with nothing to show for my resources but Wiki. I try and cross reference as much as possible – using encyclopaedias, independent information, governing bodies et al, but opinion pieces just aren’t as easy to research.

The last thing I wanted to do was go running my mouth off with little or no proof.

I had to admit that my opinions about hip hop are pitifully out of date. I’d be comparing the likes of Chuck D and Q Tip with Tiny Tempah and Wiley. It wouldn’t be a fair comparison; rather like comparing a fine DOC Parmesan with Cheese Strings. So that was a goner.

Next, I attempted to categorise the big five supermarkets in order of how ethical they are. The article was going to be humorous and self-deprecating, but factual. That’s where, yet again, the Internet and her information minions pissed all over my chips. None of the sources I checked could agree on the best or the worst, and every site I checked sang a different tune.

Since my two failed research attempts (which were my two BIG IDEAS), I have been suffering from the sort of mental constipation that makes me want to pour prune juice into my ears. I have re-blogged other people’s work. I have toyed with the idea that perhaps that’s it, that’s all there is and after only half a dozen posts my waters have run dry.

I think in order to overcome this obstacle I must wait, eyes open, for the lightning to strike once again. Only then I will have the determination to sift through all of the silt for a little nugget of gold. Meanwhile, my lovely notebook sits. And it waits…



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