Where am I? And what’s this all about?

Firstly, welcome.

Shoot the Messenger was created originally as a backlash to mainstream media. A place for me to vent my spleen about my distaste for the Hollywood gossip that has all but replaced the news; identikit, soulless music engineered by cash-driven, talentless producers; gaudy, brainless TV formats that haven’t changed since the 90’s; race-hate provoking, witch hunt spawning, sensationalist tabloid newspaper articles… The list goes on.

The gradual dumbing down of the human race, thanks to the mass media, has me worried. So I oft feel the need to reach out and shout:

Has no one else noticed what’s going on? Am I the only one who finds this shit insulting/ridiculous/just plain tacky?

Before you run away, let me assure you, this isn’t an angry ranty blog. Well, not all the time. I only rant when the urge arises, and I’ve safely filed my ranty blogs under the appropriately named menu header. Sometimes I even write about how lovely the world is, and feelings and things. This is usually during one of my holidays from all things media related (you should try it, it’s wicked for stress relief and general well being).

Writing blogs and reading the fantastic writing of other WordPressers is slowly reassuring me that there are plenty of us out there with a lot to say about this sorry state of affairs. We’re the anti-mainstream tribe, pleased to make your acquaintance.

I can get a little potty mouthed at times, so this blog probably isn’t suitable for children of over protective parents or staunch Christians.

But if a teeny bit of profanity sprinkled a top of your edit to add flavour doesn’t bother you, and if like me you sometimes feel cast adrift in a sea of idiots, then please read on.

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